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Aug 4

Jul 20

This.. is a message

Dear god.

Apr 14



Removed some more kebab.

Mar 10

Feb 20
Meanwhile, being productive

Meanwhile, being productive

Feb 7

1.7.41 fixes



Server hosters - update your server if you want it to be on masterserver list.


  • Wintness Testimony/CE fixed
  • limit up to 2000 songs
  • New Masterserver management (dur)
  • Unlisted error spam fix
  • Call Mod fixed
  • Placeholder for missing evidence, chars and demothings.

Feb 6

Feb 5

Meh. I know about serverlist issues. I will fix it tomorrow.

1.7.4 bugfixes


Some bugfixed. Later bigger stuff. Maybe

Dec 29

1.7.3 stuff patch.

I wonder what it does…


Oh, and happy holidays.


For Vanilla use favorites. Vanilla Server

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